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The Wood family has been a part of our family for about the last 30 years. Dave and Mariellen did our tree work before their sons were born. Over the years, they grew their business to not only include tree care but also lawn and yard maintenance. In the winter they have a snow plowing business, and we would be at a loss if they didn't supply us with our firewood and clean out our gutters in the spring and fall. They have been there for not only my immediate family, but also for my parents when they were still in their house. Dave and Mariellen's son Matt, now takes care of our yard, but occasionally we will see Mariellen, Dave and Matt's brother Jim when a tree needs attention or when one of Matt's crew is on vacation. When we are out of town, Matt checks on the house for us, watering housesplants and making sure that everything is secure. The Wood family is dependable, honest and fair. I would not hesitate to recommend them to my friends and neighbors.  
South Russell

I have been a customer of the Wood's for over 15 years. They are the only landscaping company that I trust, period. They are honest, dependable & competitively priced. They are able to cater to any individual need or request that a client has.

The Woods have been helping us for 27 years and we have nothing but praise for their reliable and thorough service. They take a personal interest in our property. They are always there when we need them and are very easy to work with. I highly recommend them to anyone interested in superior workmanship.
~Carol and Bill
Gates Mills

I have used Dave Wood Tree and Landscaping for over 5 years. They are dependable, polite, and efficient. They have taken care of my yard, snowplowing, and provided tree service. I have recommended them many times and have used them often for my real estate business. Matthew and his team have also helped with household chores, putting in air conditioners, moving heavy items, or watching the house when I'm away. If they say they will be there, they show up ready to work. I highly recommend them!

We have lived in our home about 20 years now. For all of that time the Wood family has maintained; nursed along ailing tree; removed storm damaged trees; given great guidance and advice to our plant loving family. About four years ago we needed to "simplify" our design. Dave's son Matt came up with a gorgeous simple plan emphasing low maintenance and timed color spots in the yard. He made it fun and rewarding and well within our budget. We welcome this fine crew of gentleman to our yard every week and continue to enjoy the odd moment of plant conversation.
South Russell

We have been longtime customers of Dave Wood Tree and Landscaping. They have been dependable and considerate keepers of our lawn and trees. They are the BEST!
Moreland Hills
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